Thursday, November 6, 2008

Future Plans/ Wedding

Okay, this might sound really weird but I have already picked out everything for my future and I don't care if you critisize me because this is what I like to do in my spare time.
Okay, so I like this one because it looks like one I would buy my future husband. LOL

I like this one because it would be way cute on top of a wedding cake. (Last Initial)

This one is cute because, well duh, what girly-girl wouldn't wear this?

I like this as a bouquet because of the pretty colors and the diamonds, duh!!! LOL

Well, this is what I would wear as my wedding ring, no duh!!! :)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Stadium of Fire

Here is Me, Lauren, My Mom, Bethany, Emily, and Caitlyn waiting for the gates to open for the Stadium of fire.

My cousin Robbie! And, me, looking like a monkey! LOL! I look horrible. I wiped out 5 times in a row.

Beach Trip

My dad posing with a really nice surf board. LUV IT!

Beach Trip

First, the adults. Second, Perri, me, and Cait warming up after showers. Third, Em building her little sand castle. Fourth, the cousins Lindsay, Parker, and Beth. And, finally fifth, Cait and Em posing after probably wiping out in the Ocean.


Serious vs. Funny! Oh definitley funny! Sorry, don't know how to spell. Well, here are all me girls.

Girls Camp

My daddy posing with his lovely new earrings. LOL! LUV YA!

Girls Camp

Ash, Sam, and Whit. The best friends, and their sister. LOL

Girls Camp

I love this pic! Jamie you look soooo cute!

Girls Camp

These are the three musketeers! LUV YA! LOL

Girls Camp

Hey Josie!

Girls Camp

My mom and dad came up to girls camp this year because the bishopbric came up. And, well, they gave me the camera because I couldn't find mine.
So, anyway here is a picture of 2 1/2 of my leaders Heather, Brooke, and Leslie. LOL


Yeah, Max just loves getting his picture taking as you can see. He is soooo silly.

Hey this is max!

Hey guys, this is our new dog max. We have quite a few pictures of him coming your way.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Here are Pictures from Caitlyn's Birthday party way back in march. The first one is Caitlyn on here brand new bike. The second one is Caitlyn's birthday cake. And, the funny thing about it is that my mom had it made and forgot to tell them to put "Happy Birthday Caitlyn" on it, so she had to do it herself. The third one is Caitlyn getting birthday spankings. And, the fourth, my dad kind of shoved cake in Caitlyn's face, which, she wasn't to happy about.

Sorry, on this one you kind of have to tilt your head because that is the way my mom took the picture. But, it is my wonderful drawing of the French Horn I did last year.

This is Emily holding the hand-stitched baptism pillow that our neighbor made just for here special day.

Here are my little cousins Kade and Chloe. I thought this was sooo cute because Kade was walking around all day with his arm linked with Chloe's. They were like a little mini couple. Aw! But, Chloe doesn't look too happy in this particular picture because I don't think she knew I was taking it. Oh well, it is still way cute!

Here is my dad and Emily in front of a picture at the church.
Everyone thought the picture with me in it was HI-larious. See I didn't know someone was taking a picture and I got in the way because, they didn't tell me to move. Well, at least I have cute sunglasses on. :)

My dad just had to get a silly picture on a very fun day. LUV IT!

Here is me, Bethany, Emily, Caitlyn, and Maria.

Here is grandma and granpa irwin, and Emily.

Here is kind of a lop-sided picture of my grandma and grandpa, Caitlyn, and Emily.

Baptism Pictures

Before we went to the church my dad insisted that we take pictures with everyone. So, here are my mom and dad and Emily.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Hey Everybody! My mom finally let me have a blogspot! Now the question is, how do I get it to do what I want it to do? Well, I should have some images of like Emily's baptism and stuff up real soon! See ya later!